Ok, let's start at the most important component of any radio station, the antenna. Like a lot of other British amateur radio stations I have limited space available for antennas but I can radiate signals on all our allotted H.F. bands, (except 160m "top band"), plus the 50MHz, 70MHz,144 MHz and 430 MHz bands.
On the following bands I use a home-made, horizontal "half-size G5RV" dipole with Watson EL-40XC coils plus about 2metres of wire added to each end;

80 metres (3.5MHz)
40 metres (7 MHz)
30 metres (10MHz)
20 metres (14MHz)
15 metres (21MHz)
12 metres (24MHz)
10 metres (28MHz)

For the 2 metre (144MHz) and 70cm (430 MHz) bands I use a vertical antenna and for the 6 metre (50MHz) band I use a simple horizontal wire dipole .
None of the above antennas are the best antennas for each band but considering the small size of my garden they work reasonably well. And that's the key phrase. Unless you're blessed with a large plot of land, (and a deep wallet!), then you can't hope to have the most efficient antenna for every band, you simply have to compromise between size and efficiency. It is also adviseable to avoid making a small property resemble a BBC transmitting station, neighbours sometimes don't like it and you can be blamed for every line on a TV or buzz on a radio.


Modified G5RV dipole

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